Make the Future! Hands-on Sustainability Lessons for Years 7 & 8

Can secondary students really change the world? Yes, they can – and this book shows them how! Make the future! Hands-on sustainability lessons for Years 7 & 8 is a resource for secondary classrooms that gives real meaning to the idea of sustainability. Created in line with the Australian Curriculum: Design and Technologies, this book empowers students to make a tangible difference to the environment – and their future.

Divided into two modules – Fibres and Foods – this resource features:

  • five topics within each module, each containing hands-on mini-projects, background information and a larger project to engage students’ creativity
  • textile projects that repurpose, renew and upcycle everyday items
  • cooking projects that use ingredients with lower environmental impacts to make delicious, healthy and allergen-conscious meals
  • sustainability data sourced from the most up-to-date and credible sources
  • key life skills that students can use beyond the classroom
  • reproducible worksheets and teachers’ notes
  • opportunities for individual research and choices, collaborative work and community engagement.

Make the future! combines traditional skills and cutting-edge research to create authentic, purposeful activities that will show your students positive change is not just feasible – it is delicious, stylish, economical and fun!

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Make the Future! Hands-on Sustainability Lessons for Years 1 to 6

Make the Future! for Years 5 and 6
Make the Future Hands on Sustainability Lessons for Years 3 and 4
Make the Future Hands on Sustainability Lessons for Years 1 and 2

Can primary students really change the world? Yes, they can – and these books show them how!

The Make the Future! Hands-On Sustainability Lessons series is a cross-curriculum STEM resource that gives real meaning to the idea of sustainability. It contains ten different activities for each year level, designed to supplement Australian Curriculum instruction by addressing the Sustainability cross-curriculum priority, as well as reproducible worksheets and teachers’ notes.

Make the Future! features:

  • STEM-rich activities that support the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, Science, Technologies, Humanities and Social Sciences, English, Health and Physical Education and The Arts learning areas, as well as the sustainability cross-curriculum priority
  • data from the most up-to-date and credible sources, including the United Nations, the CSIRO and the Environmental Protection Authority Victoria
  • hands-on, practical activities based on traditional skills – students can make their own upcycled clothing, cook planet-friendly (and allergen-free) food, create storage solutions from waste materials and much more
  • whole-class, small-group and individual work with options for a range of skill levels
  • opportunities for multi-year-level collaboration, self-directed learning and community engagement
  • content that actively develops key life skills, such as financial planning, nutritional knowledge and goal-setting.

Make the Future! brings sustainability to life in the classroom, while empowering your students to make a tangible difference to their future – and to have fun at the same time!

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Read sample pages for Years 3-4

Read sample pages for Years 5-6

Kill the Music by Nansi Kunze

Kill the Music

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Most people would love to be Lorna Powell, travelling the globe with her brother and his mega-famous band. Then again, most people don’t realise just how annoying four handsome rock stars can be. A new home and a new school seem like the start of a normal life – until Lorna overhears a chilling plot to silence the band forever.

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Dangerously Placed by Nansi Kunze

Dangerously Placed

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Alex Thaler can’t wait to start her dream work experience placement at Virk, where staff from all over the world mingle in an astonishing virtual office. But when an employee is found murdered, the dream becomes a nightmare – because Alex is the prime suspect. Fortunately, Alex’s friends are willing to brave shark tanks, disgusting pathology specimens and even a nude beach in order to clear her name . . .

Can a hippy chick, a goth girl in a lab coat and two guys with a taste for blowing things up really help solve the mystery – before Alex becomes the next victim?

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Pen O’Connell is, without a doubt, the unluckiest girl at Callindra Secondary College. Her dream date’s just fallen through, her dog has literally eaten her homework, and don’t even mention the incident at school camp. But when Pen meets Sebastian Meyer, teenage genius and genetics expert, she begins to wonder if everything that happens to her really is just bad luck.

Could the bizarre theory that’s turned every teacher in the school against Sebastian explain why Pen is more likely to get a head injury than a hot date? Why does Pen’s name strike terror into the heart of pop princess Sereena? And just how far will Pen go to get what she deserves?

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